Restoring the Centerpiece of Colonias, New Mexico

This website was conceived in an effort to help the long established community of Colonias, New Mexico restore it’s centerpiece, the San Jose Catholic Church. Through donations, fundraising, and sponsorship, we believe this will take a pivotal role in revitalizing and establishing Colonias, New Mexico as an important historical community of the Eastern Plains of New Mexico.

For history on San Jose Catholic Church and the town of Colonias, New Mexico please visit our About page. Also, don’t forget to peruse our fundraising page to see how you can help in the restoration of San Jose Catholic Church. Donations are always very much appreciated as well.

Contribute to the Restoration

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Shown above are a few examples of how we're trying to raise money to restore our historical church. If you'd like to contribute, even a little, please visit our fundraising page to see how you can help be a part. Click here to contribute!